The Mind of Cleveland was a conceptual public art piece created by Indianapolis-based artist Carl Pope. Carl spent six months in Cleveland, speaking with residents and collecting quotes from people throughout the city. The quotes expressed their thoughts, fears, dreams, and desires for the city. Once Carl had collected a thorough portrait of the city, he brought the quotes to schools, and working with young students, they pulled a series of random quotes out of hats. Once the quotes were chosen, I created the design and oversaw the production of the billboards and kiosks that appeared around the city (and remained up for 3 months). The piece culminated in an exhibition that showcased the public pieces and included many of the quotes that were not chosen by the children. It included a projected video that investigated the complex issues facing the city, letterpress posters, wall text, and many of the original drawings and quotes from Carl's first stay in the city.
Photos from top left, "Mind of Cleveland Exhibition, "When" billboard in place, Carl Pope with elementary school children in East Cleveland, projected video from installation, and "Large Pipes" kiosk design. Photos by Mari Hulick
Sample wall text from exhibition.
From top left, MOC exhibition wall text, "Erie" kiosk, projected video in the exhibition, "Racial Divide", viewing stations for videos of interviews and "One Hope" kiosk. Photos by Mari Hulick
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